Your health can benefit from installing Heat Shield Window Film.

UV window film is today’s answer to the health issue caused by exposure to UV rays. Yes, UV rays can penetrate your home or office. Without any UV window film protection, you are continually exposed to the harmful rays, which double your risk for skin pigmentation, premature aging, macular degeneration and skin cancer. Colorado alpine customers must know that their exposure to UV increases approximately 5% for every thousand feet in elevation. A coat of UV window film on your home or office windows is smart protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.
UV exposure does not only come from the sun’s rays. It also reflects from water, concrete, sand, glass and snow. If you think you are safe because you are indoors, think again.
The UV rays from the water in your swimming pool or the sand on the beach outside bounces off and transmits through unprotected glass windows. If you work by the window you will be getting an unwanted dose of UV rays everyday.

Why Do You Need Skin Protection Indoors?
It cannot be stressed enough why you should protect yourself and your family from UV rays indoors and outdoors. The deadly UV rays you get indoors are the same lethal rays you would get outdoors if you do not protect yourself, thus you are unwittingly doubling your exposure to UV rays if your windows are not protected.
UV window film for your windows will block 99 percent of the UV. This year round indoor protection will reduce your exposure to UV rays drastically.
Other ways to shield yourself against these rays are wearing stylish UV tinted sunglasses and hats outdoors and slathering sun block an hour before you go out under the sun.

Are there More Benefits?
Once you have your windows treated with Nano-Ceramic window film, you can get more benefits. During hot weather, the treated windows cuts down the heat and during cold weather, the interior heat is kept indoors. Both ways, you can reduce air conditioning and heating expenses.
In addition, your expensive  furniture, flooring and artwork will not fade as fast because it will be protected from sunlight everyday. UV window film awareness is still in its infancy but it is urgent to act now. Fact is, the ozone layer is thinning and more Caucasians will be developing skin cancer and age-related macular degeneration.
Do you have to wait for this to happen before you get your home or office windows coated with UV protective film?