Prestige Luxury home in Solterra Lakewood, CO installs Heat Shield Ultra Clear ICE window film on 151 panes.

Heat Shield Ultra Clear ICE window film was installed on 151 panes in Lakewood, CO for the Bennett residence. This fabulous home is located in Solterra which was home of the 2008 Parade of Homes. The Ultra Clear ICE is our clearest product. It allows 77 % Visible light transmission while blocking out 99% of Colorado’s intense UV. This home has incredible views of Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The homeowners were accustomed to seeing night activities at Red Rocks through their beautiful windows. One of the homes high points is there million dollar view of Red Rocks. It was very important to them to select a film with a very low interior reflectivity. Since glass has an interior reflectivity of 8% they did not want the film to be any higher than that. Heat Shield Ultra clear ICE is 2% less reflective than glass so it will actually enhance their night time view of Red Rocks. This film blocks 52% of the sun's total energy so it will reduce cooling costs during the hotter summer months. Another key point about this product selection was that the home was very dark inside during the day. Since the visible light transmission is so high the lights levels in the home will remain unchanged. This Lakewood, Colorado home owner is now protected from UV and excessive heat load. Thank you Bennet family in Lakewood, CO.