Heat Shield Window Films headquartered in Denver, Colorado teams up with APEX Dermatology to help protect against skin cancer.

Skin cancer in Colorado is more prevalent than you might think. Most people think they’re doing enough to protect themselves and their family. Research shows however, that you can get skin cancer from the comfort of your own home or office. For every 1000 feet in elevation the effects of Ultra Violation Radiation increase by approximately 5%. Clear, un- tinted glass only blocks 27% of the Ultra Violet Radiation. Installing Heat Shield Window Film can increase your protection to 99%! Clear glass allows 85% of the sun’s heat to penetrate the glass, causing rooms to heat up and HVAC systems to call for cooling. Our Heat Shield IR-99 is water clear and blocks 56% of the sun’s total energy. Call us today at 720-230-8468 for a free evaluation and find out how Heat Shield Window Films can help protect you!