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Go Green

Nano-Ceramic Spectrally Selective Window Film for your home or office is one of the most cost effective ways to "go GREEN". Installing energy control window film can help reduce your carbon footprint. If you are a building owner or property manager and you want to earn more LEED points, deploying energy control window film is a great place to start! Residential customer’s can enjoy tax rebates of up to $500.00. The California Energy Commission pay’s more in rebates for Spectrally Selective films than it allows for the older, traditional metalized technology films. Nano-Ceramic window tinting films contain no metal so they won’t disrupt your wireless lifestyle.



Heat Shield USA Product Line Benefits

  • Superior heat rejection – 99% Infrared* (Industry First)
  • 99% UV protection
  • Nano-ceramic window films are fade and corrosion free, outlasting other dyed and metalized products by more than 50%.
  • Less reflective than glass, enhancing your view both day and night
  • Products are water clear with visible light transmissions up to 85%
  • Heat Shield USA window films use similar technology that NASA uses to protect the space shuttle from heat build up while re-entering the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Our Heat Shield product line contains no metal. Nano-ceramic window films do not interfere with today’s wireless lifestyle which includes cell phones, wireless internet, GPS and satellite signals.
  • Does not interfere with airport and military communications.
  • The California energy commission recognizes the superior performance of spectrally selective window films and pays more per square foot in rebates than traditional metalized window film.
  • Heat Shield window films will help reduce out-gassing from normal construction components due to excessive infrared and ultra violet radiation.(i.e. Sick Building Syndrome)
  • The Skin Cancer Foundation acknowledges solar control window film as a protection against skin cancer.
  • The United States Green Building Council recognizes Heat Shield USA window films as a leader helping to protect the environment leading to a healthier more responsible, better quality of life
  • Ceramic window films do not corrode in coastal environments, thus eliminating the need for edge sealing.
  • Ceramic window films are superior to metalized films in performance, durability and clarity.
  • Ceramic films have higher visible light transmissions than metal films and reduce the need for additional lighting.
  • Darker metalized films often increase room temperatures due to solar absorption.
  • In some instances the customer may need to increase lighting due to the darkness of the film thus eliminating the benefits of installing a metalized product in the first place. *99% IR Heat Rejection from 875nm to 1175nm