Denver, CO high-rise, 410 Seventeenth St. installs Heat Shield IR-99 window tint film to improve tenant comfort.

Denver, CO high-rise 410 17th St. installs Heat Shield IR-99 Titanium Nitride window film on 6 upper floors to reduce solar heat gain and improve tenant comfort. Built in 1978 and at a height of 335’, the 410 building sits at the corner of Tremont St. and 17th St. The 410 building is host to the Denver offices of Halliburton Oil, several law firms and many financial institutions. Heat Shield IR-99 TiNi is clear so now Colorado property managers can install on problem areas without changing the architectural styling of the building. Traditional commercial glass films are dark and reflective so that when installed on one window,usually the rest of that side of the building would also require film to maintain uniformity. Up until now if buildings wanted to install solar control film they would have to do all four sides. This is what hurts return on investment. Now with our spectrally selective clear film, payback is much more impressive. For more information on our full line of clear nano-ceramic window films call us today at 720-230-8468.