Colorado prestige home-owners choose Heat Shield IR-99 window film over traditional, darker and more reflective window tinting.

Denver residential homeowners that enjoy spectacular mountain views and beautiful sunny exposures will appreciate this new Nano-Ceramic window film. Older window film technologies make rooms darker and decrease visibility to the outside, especially at night. Our new Nano-Ceramic film is less reflective than glass so it enhances views both day and night. Our motto is “Block the UV and IR Heat and Enjoy the Visible Light”. The Heat Shield IR-99 is the first film to block 99% of the infrared heat while remaining water clear. It also reduces exposure to ultra violet radiation by 99%! Colorado customers will really appreciate this as risks from UV increase approximately 5% for every 1000 feet in elevation. It’s no surprise that furniture and flooring can be damaged in less than 6 months time. This is also an excellent way to limit your exposure to skin cancer while inside your home. The Heat Shield IR-99 window film saves on energy costs in the summer by reducing air conditioning usage. In the winter it saves money by helping hold the heat in. Employing Heat Shield IR-99 saves money and is the most cost effective way to Go Green! Call us today to get protected 720-230-8468