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Heat Shield USA ~ Revolutionizing the Window Film Tinting Industry

Heat Shield USA is committed to helping the world become a safer and greener place to live and work in by reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by excessive HVAC usage due to solar exposed glazing systems. In collaboration with the worlds leading doctors, scientists and chemists "Heat Shield USA" introduces the first full line of nano-ceramic spectrally selective window tinting films. Millions of dollars have been spent developing this technology, which we closely guard and continuously improve. Heat Shield is the first company to introduce a clear solar control window film that provides *99% infrared heat rejection, as well as 99% UV protection.

Nano-ceramic window tinting films help curb greenhouse gas emissions by saving on heating and cooling costs. Heat Shield solar control film is spectrally tuned for the five main climates of the world. These climates are identified as tropical, dry, humid, continental and cold. A dry desert climate may have an eleven month cooling season where a cold region may have none. Based on climate location and the client’s needs we can fine tune infrared heat rejections for your specific region. The thermal control qualities of advanced ceramics make it the preferred material of NASA in the development of the heat resistant tiles used on their space shuttles.

Nano-ceramic window films will forever change the way you view your world. In the years to come, nanotechnology will change our lives much like electricity and the internet already has. A ‘nano’ is a measurement unit that is one billionth of a meter, or in comparative terms, one thousandth of the diameter of an adult strand of hair. Seen as the most important advancement in the window film industry since its inception in the 1960’s, ceramic nano-technology is being used to produce clear window films with superior heat rejections.

*(875 nanometers to 1175 nanometers)