Castle Pines, CO homeowners in prestige community choose Heat Shield IR-99 to enhance their million dollar views.

Several Castle Pines homeowners have decided to protect their castles against Colorado’s intense sunshine. Click on the link below to see how clear our products are.
Prestige gated communities often times have home owners associations that do not allow reflective films. Take the Heat Shield challenge. If you can find a clear film that blocks more heat and UV than our Heat Shield IR-99, we'll tint your house for free!  Here are exterior pictures of our Heat Shield IR-99 compared to 3M Night Vision 15.  The 3M product is extremely reflective compared to our Heat Shield IR-99.  It's no wonder that Castle Pines, Colorado HOA's don't allow reflective window films! Call us today @ 720-230-8468 to block the heat and enhance your view!