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The World's First Full Line of Clear Nano-Ceramic Window Films Specifically Designed For Your Exact Climate!
Our solar data has been independently tested by the laboratories recommended by Lawrence Berkeley and the NFRC.

World Leading Innovation in Denver UV Window Films

Heat Shield is an ultra transparent film applied directly to the interior of windows in a home or commercial business to form a protective barrier against the sun's harmful infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Heat Shield window films incorporates a new revolutionary "spectrally-selective" nano-ceramic coating to create the industry's first full line of nano-ceramic film that lets the maximum light in while keeping the destructive infrared heat and UV rays out. 

  • The technology behind this non-metal film prevents it from appearing dark and reflective like most other window films. Heat Shield is nano-ceramic and dye free. It will not disrupt your wireless internet and cell phone service like traditional metalized products. All residential Heat Shield films come with a lifetime warranty.

  • Go GREEN with commercial energy control window film tinting. Reduce your carbon footprint while making your tenants more comfortable. Satisfied tenants lead to higher lease rates and longer lease terms. Help your bottom line and reduce liability from broken glass related injuries.

  • Help protect government facilities and employees against excessive heat load, bomb blasts, graffiti, falling glass and natural disasters. Heat Shield Nano-Ceramic films are available in 4mil and 8mil versions.

  • Heat Shield automotive films are virtually water clear. Now you can not only coat your side windows, but the windshield as well. Heat Shield allows up to 85% Visible Light Transmission, while blocking out 65% of the sun’s infrared heat.